About Us

Joburg Joburg is a non-commercial entity that endorses & facilitates positive co-productive engagement with Johannesburg’s Inner-City Center

Joburg Joburg strives to be the embodiment of an Impulse to respond with one’s urban center.

Joburg Joburg works to inspire and empower individuals to engage with* Johannesburg’s city center

* move to / live in / work in / contribute to / renew / develop / debate about /articulate /sustain / reinvent / enjoy / share / define / promote / enhance / beautify / demystify …

Essentially this involves grappling with a simple question that is hard to answer: What is positive urban renewal?
Developing properties, companies, infrastructure and security in a financially viable way is (probably) only a part of Positive Urban Renewal. To name a few other issues and challenges:
  • Equitable distribution and sharing of value (albeit quantifiable or intangible) throughout the entire spectrum of the community affected by an urban development.
  • Overcoming of social barriers that hamper the natural development of a free and healthy society. This challenge is unique to every city/community on earth, and in South Africa it is particularly important.
  • Balancing the interests of those coming in to an urban area with the interest of those who are there already (and may have built up some history there).
  • What is the true role of an artist/creative professional in the context of Urban Renewal and/or Gentrification and how does it influence the purpose of the arts in society?
 Joburg Joburg consists of several independent components, in various stages of development:
  • Joburg Joburg Residence: a non-profit entity that administers a rooftop creative community and the creative outputs towards the greater aims of Joburg Joburg.
  • Joburg Joburg Film Night: Interesting and fun film screenings in the CBD (coming soon!).
  • Joburg Joburg Exhibition: An art based experience in the CBD.
  • Joburg Joburg Network: People that are involved in Joburg Joburg related activities inspire and empower each other to do more

The core team of Joburg Joburg are:

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